AztraGladstone, delivering better value.

Better guest experiences and lower rates make our apartments popular. Our guests enjoy the experience of apartment living at motel room rates. The lower vacancies we experience make that possible. Everyone wins.

AztraGladstone since 2008.

Located in a friendly, quiet neighbourhood, the apartments are centrally located, close to the CBD, Kin Kora shopping centre and Gladstone airport.

AztraGLADSTONE APARTMENTS is surrounded by gardens. The building was refurbished to provide attractive alternative accommodation for visitors to Gladstone.
AztraGLADSTONE is particularly popular with businesses for their staff, and with self-employed contractors visiting Gladstone for work. Why?

Our rates are comparable to those for a motel room, but the space and amenity offered by our apartments makes being away from home that much easier.

We are happy getting so many repeat bookings from previous guests and enquiries from people who heard about AztraGLADSTONE apartments by recommendation

AztraGladstone since 2008.

Come and stay with us.

Booking one of our apartments is just a tap or click away. Call, text, or leave a message, we will contact you.

We can take your information by phone, then email our detailed offer, or confirmation of your booking.

When you arrive, there is no ‘Check-In’ procedure, or paperwork to deal with. Let yourself in with the keys from the key-safe and make yourself at home. Simple.